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A Story of Victory, Survival, and Unwavering Faith
In life, we go through many things that we don’t realize at the moment will help us later in life.  We look around and think things just can’t get any better, every time we look around something is going wrong.  Looking at my personal experience in life, I am a living witness things can get better.  From childhood to womanhood I have experienced a great deal of things that I can relate to some of you that are going through things in your life.
From my childhood I grew up being abused, doing without, suicidal attempts, runaway, and many more obstacles.  The day after I became 18 years old, I left my grandmother's home, whom I was living with at the time and moved back to Oklahoma City, where I lived with friends for a while.  I moved around a lot. I became homeless at one point, sleeping in my car, hotels, and where ever I could lay my head to sleep and shower.
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